Antioche Vineyards

Antioche Vineyard is located at the biblical city of Antioch’s vicinity, Topbogazi.The first planting of saplings had started in 2007. The altitude of the grape field is around 100 meters above sea level. The climate is in the Mediterranean climate zone, where summers are hot and the winter season experiences mild temperatures with seldom showers. Winds prevailing in certain periods of the year keep the grape field cool and prevent the proliferation of diseases. The soil structure is composed of clayey and sandy clay loam. The total grape field area is about 60 acres. Planted seedlings are Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Baburi grape varieties.

Pruning is typically two-way Guyot. Stringed wire of bond system was implemented in order to enable the green parts to grow at optimum levels, establish an ideal way to drug the crops and harvest the grape field in world standards. Harvest season, which is determined by our expert, start in late July and/or beginning of August. Harvesting starts at the early cool hours of the morning and it is completed before the heat of the afternoon. The grapes are placed in operation rapidly right after the harvest. Our manufacturing facility is very near the grape field. Antioche’s production capacity is 30 tons / year.